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Project Overview

The Tasmanian Water Use Management Project is a statewide project which will primarily focus on the establishment of a water use data collection and management system. The project is a collaborative project between Hydro Tasmania Consulting (HTC), the Department of Primary Industries and Water (DPIW), the National Water Commission (NWC) and water licensees and is funded via a grant from the Australian Government’s Water Smart Australia program, as part of the Australian Government Water Fund and in-kind support from Hydro Tasmania Consulting, DPIW and the water licensees involved.

In June 2005 Tasmania became a signatory to the National Water Initiative (NWI), which is a comprehensive agreement between all States and Territories and the Australian Government to improve water management across the country. The NWI sets out objectives, outcomes and actions for the ongoing process of national water reform and timelines to achieve this reform.

As part of the commitment to the National Water Initiative (NWI), the Tasmanian Government is undertaking a program to ensure that all licensed water users are metered.

The Tasmanian Water Use Management Project has been established to install telemetry units on 3000 water meters across the state. The planned system will enable water use data to be electronically collected and provided on a daily basis to licensees and DPIW, allowing cost effective proactive management of that data.

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Data will be collected from the water meters using an innovative telemetry system called Ajenti, which has been developed by Hydro Tasmania Consulting. The ease of installation and automated collection of data allows licensees and farmers that have installed water meters to meet water data collection and water management requirements without having to manually collect, record and report the data. The system will also provide a more transparent and comprehensive water management and resource planning tool.

The information is validated and DPIW remain the custodians of the information as is the case presently. Licensees can access their own data via a personalised password protected web account which provides access to daily water use and total water use from their website account for management and reporting purposes.